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The Finish Line: A Cripple Creek Mystery

The Finish Line: A Cripple Creek Mystery

By: Ron Smith (Author)

July 12, 2023


There’s no fool like an old fool.

Ernest “Dutch” Webster was known throughout Teller County as a pillar of the community - successful businessman, active in charitable organizations, politically connected, and a family man. That all changed when Darcy Harrison came into his life.

Dutch’s friends all saw trouble when he left his wife, and began squiring the young Darcy around his favorite watering holes. Only Dutch was blind to the obvious truth that Darcy was using him to revive a failed development project that his connections might possibly save.

Long-time Teller County deputy Sarah Fromholz has been promoted to detective, and is thrust into the investigation of a sensational murder case involving Dutch and his new love. It all happens as Sarah is finding her way through a new romance of her own, and has to face an uncertain future.

Sheriff Brady Wagner finds himself caught up in a political and personal whirlwind created by the deadly consequences of Ernest Webster’s string of bad decisions. Could the cronyism of the county’s power brokers lead the sheriff to walk away from it all?

The fourth installment of the Cripple Creek Mysteries is the most intriguing yet.

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